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Victorian Veranda Country Inn

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful wedding and event space, a getaway, or a garden of wonderful flowers, the Victorian Veranda Country Inn has everything you need.


The Big White Barn

The White Barn

We have just redecorated our reception venue/ barn. It was our goal to create a venue that brides would find easy to decorate and would let their personalities shine through.

We decided to change the color pallet of our barn to a few shades of white. This was to allow brides who choose our venue to use the colors of their liking without being concerned that they would clash with our existing barn colors.

We are all familiar with the beautiful Christmas cards that have a red cardinal in a background of a white snowy setting.

It is important to us that the wedding colors you choose stand out. In other words, we will be letting you start with a new blank canvas.

Whether you are looking for the rustic barn or the elegant look, we are hoping to provide a great backdrop for either.

Please click here to see the new barn decor.

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