Wedding ceremony at the Victorian Veranda Country Inn located just outside of Lawrence, KS.

Our Signature Wedding Package

Our Big Farm Wedding

Guests sit in comfort while at our outdoor wedding venue at the Victorian Veranda Country Inn located just outside of Lawrence, KS.Weddings at Victorian Veranda are magical events that bring together friends and family in a casually elegant setting. With a beautiful wedding garden, hosting a rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception, your wedding at the Victorian Veranda will be the event of a lifetime for you and your guests.

Our country wedding venue is a perfect wedding destination in Northeast Kansas located roughly equal distance from Kansas City and Topeka, KS. Although we offer many wedding packages, our signature offering, the Two Night Weekend Destination Wedding, is a tremendous value that you simply cannot find anywhere else. We encourage our couples to plan an extended weekend at the farm, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and surrounded by their closest friends and family from near and far.

The Big Farm Wedding (signature wedding package) is the perfect way to start your new life together. It is a time when you step away from the rest of the world to enjoy your close friends and family, to share the joy you will experience combing your life with the one you love. The country setting allows you to remove yourself from those daily distractions you want to avoid during this very special point of your life.

Our Big Farm Wedding reduces a lot of the stress caused when the wedding, reception and lodging is at three different locations. It allows you to spend time with the people you care about and love instead of traveling from location to location. Your wedding becomes a wonderful occasion happening over a couple days not just a couple of hours.


Victorian Veranda Country Inn

Wedding Venue and Romantic Accommodations in Lawrence Kansas

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